Liftkar PT Fold
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Liftkar PT Fold

Liftkar PT Fold stairclimber has a washable seat covering that can be wiped clean and easily removed altogether simply by undoing a zip. This stairclimber is not equipped with armrests but with a headrest and a safety belt. It is very narrow (with the wheelbase of only 297 mm) and very compact, it can be used even on very steep or winding stairs as well as during transport for example in ambulance-cars.

This stairclimber is available in two models: PT Fold 130 and PT Fold 160. These numbers indicate the maximum load capacity, so in other words the maximum weight of the transported person

The diameter of its non-marking wheels is 200 mm.

Technical data:
Climbing speed: 10, 14 or 18 steps per minute
Maximum step height: 2,3 cm
Space required on landings: 80x 90 cm
Overall width: 430 mm (seat), 482 (handle unit)
Overall depth: 660 mm (405 mm with seat folded)
Total weight: 28 kg
Seat: 505x675 mm
Lifting capacity (and article number): PT Fold130 (045 711) and PT Fold160 (045 704)



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