Liftkar PT S
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Liftkar PT S

The Liftkar PT S stairclimber is similar to Liftkar PT Outdoor, except it has smaller non-marking wheels so it is designed rather for indoor use and for stairclimbing. It is also equipped with a comfy seat, armrests that cal be folded upwards, a headrest and a seat belt.

The Liftkar PT S is available in two models: S 130 and S 160. These numbers indicate the maximum load capacity, so in other words the maximum weight of the transported person.

Technical data:
Climbing speed: 10, 14 or 18 steps per minute
Maximum step height: 2,3 cm
Space required on landings: 80x 90 cm
Overall width: 505 mm
Total weight: 30,5 kg
Seat: 505x675 mm
Lifting capacity (and article number): PT S 130 (045 703) and PT S 160 (045 704)



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